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Mini Tennis
Mini Tennis is designed to get youngsters started in playing tennis. It’s fun and can be competitive. Mini Tennis is specially designed for those 10 years old and under. The racquets, balls, size of the court and height of the net change progressively as the child grows and develops tennis skills.

Mini Tennis Red uses a special red ball and is for children under 8 years old, just starting out.
Mini Tennis Orange is for players 8 – 9 years old; it uses an orange ball and is for kids continuing their progress from Mini Red.
Mini Tennis Green is the next step up for youngsters under 10 years old. It uses a full size court and net, preparing them for the more familiar yellow ball and full size racquet.

BTA is an accredited Mini Tennis centre
Mini Tennis at Burnham takes place on Friday evenings from 16.00 – 18.00h.

For details, please contact the Junior Organiser, Sue Gray, 01628 605988.

Mini Tennis